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Islands of Pakistan: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

December 15, 2023

Pakistan, a country with many different types of scenery, is endowed with beautiful islands that provide visitors with an experience they won’t soon forget. Lakeshore City will present information about the breathtaking Pakistani islands in this post; each has its special charm and attraction.

Noting that well-known climbers had attended the ceremony, he praised their efforts on behalf of the country.

The President honored the top mountaineers with shields as a token of appreciation for their contributions to the sport.

List of Pakistani Islands

The islands listed below, which are spread around the nation, are a few that you really ought to put on your travel itinerary.

Astola Island

About 25 kilometers off the coast of Balochistan is Astola Island, a jewel with very few inhabitants. This island, which is about 7 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide, is a part of the Pasni subdistrict in Gwadar, Pakistan. 

Because of the vast slanted plateau and seven little hillocks, the island is lovingly referred to as “Haft Talar,” or the “Island of the Seven Hills,” by the residents. It is also known as “Jabl-e-Zareen,” which means “beautiful mountain.” Astola Island is a wonderful place to explore and enjoy due to its distinct scenery and natural beauty.

Being a “hard” site to visit due to the lack of housing options, Astola Island presents a challenge for eco-travelers. If someone decides to stay overnight, they need to provide their own camping supplies. In spite of this, Astola Island draws plenty of daring people with its amazing assortment of activities including fishing, camping, and scuba diving.

Khiprianwala Island

Khiprianwala Island, which is close to Landhi Town and Port Qasim, provides stunning views of the Arabian Sea. But the island is facing a big problem as the sea is slowly taking more and more of its land, turning it into a sinking paradise. Coastal marshes, a component of Pakistan’s largest mangrove forest, are also found on the island.

The absence of basic amenities on Khiprianwala Island discourages many tourists from going, despite its attraction. If you’re keen to discover this undiscovered treasure, local fisherman can assist you by guiding you to the island or even transporting you there in their boats.

Twin Islands – Bundal and Buddo

Bundal Island and Buddo Island, collectively referred to as Twin Islands, are conveniently situated close to Clifton Beach in Karachi and provide a wonderful seaside retreat. These paradises, which were once called “Dingi Island” and “Bhundaar Island,” are now open to Karachi locals.

The allure of visiting the Twin Islands is enhanced by the opulent eating establishments and fine dining restaurants in these adjacent places. But it gets harder to find the islands as dusk approaches. Buddo Island is located on Bundal Island’s western side, and it is conveniently accessible from the coast.

In addition to being well-liked travel destinations, many fishermen depend on these islands for their livelihood. The islands are especially significant culturally because of the fervor of followers during Saint Yusuf Shah’s yearly “Urs.”

Baba and Bhit Islands

Located close to Kimari Town in Karachi, the Baba and Bhit Islands are a short but breathtaking stretch of about 4km. In contrast to other Pakistani islands, these ones have grown in popularity and renown despite having a small population of only 25,000 people.

Shams Pir

Shams Pir Island is a peaceful island settlement named for Hazrat Shams Pir, whose shrine is located there. It is located next to Karachi’s western boundary, near Kakapir and Sandspit Beach. Boat rentals are offered from Karachi Harbour for those looking to take a fishing or exploration expedition to this island.

Charna Island

Karachi’s Charna Island, known as a diver’s paradise, is a well-liked entry point for athletes. Previously called Cheerno, this island is a 1.5-hour voyage from the main city.

Situated near Mubarak Village, which is well-known for its outstanding fishing locations, Charna Island draws both anglers and sports fans. Exciting experiences can be had by participating in sports like speed boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, cliff diving, and scuba diving.

The months of February and March are the most favorable for visiting Charna Island since travel agencies provide appealing packages for both individuals and groups. Furthermore, the National Coordinating Body of the Mangroves for the Future Programme Pakistan has designated the island as a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and it is a wildlife haven.

Zalzala Koh

After a strong 7.7-magnitude earthquake on September 24, 2013, Zalzala Koh—also called Earthquake Mountain or Zalzala Jazeera, which translates as “Earthquake Island” in Urdu—emerged off the coast of Gwadar, Balochistan province, Pakistan.

The island gained notice at first, but within a month of its emergence, satellite photographs revealed it had sunk roughly 3 meters (10 feet) into the sea. Eventually, by the end of 2016, the island had completely vanished.

Zalzala Koh, thought to be a mud volcano, erupted from the ocean floor as a result of the earthquake producing methane gas emissions, according to Ali Rashid Tabriz, the director of Pakistan’s National Institute of Oceanography.

Situated roughly 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) off the coast of Pakistan, the island’s dimensions vary, according to satellite data, its height is estimated to be between 15 and 20 meters (50 and 65 feet), its length is 175.7 meters (576 feet), its width is 160.9 meters (528 feet), and its surface area is 22.726 square meters (244.62 square feet), yet there have been disagreements on these measurements.

The island itself was lifeless, but the waters around it developed into a thriving home for fish and other marine life, including the coral species Acabaria delicata, which helped the local fishing business grow.

Malan Island

A unique mud volcano called Malan Island, also called Pir Gaib, is located in the Arabian Sea about three kilometers off the coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. Since the island had lost all of its water, it appeared to disappear in March 1999. 

Strong winds and ocean currents were blamed for the disappearance, which was comparable to an incident that happened in the same area in 1999. Amazingly, the island reappeared, floating on the water’s surface before disappearing again.

But Malan Island unexpectedly reappeared in 2010 and has since grown in popularity as a travel destination in Pakistan. Because of its enigmatic disappearing and reappearing behaviors, adventurers and tourists are now drawn to this special location to experience its wonders for themselves. The island’s presence is now widely known, which heightens its attraction and draws travelers ready to take in its constantly shifting landscape.

Manora Island

Manora is a quaint little peninsula that forms a protective barrier between the Arabian Sea to the south and Karachi Harbour to the north. Manora, which has 4,273 persons according to the 2017 census, was formerly an island but is now joined to the mainland by Sandspit, a 12-kilometer-long natural Sandbridge that was created by silting.

The ruins of the Manora Fort, which was built in the 1790s to stave off pirate invasions, demonstrate the historical significance of Manora. The British and then the Pakistan Navy upgraded this fort in the future.

Mangrove trees line the western bay that borders Sandspit and Manora Island, acting as a shield for Karachi Harbour due to the geographical location of Manora and its neighboring islands. Peelu trees (Salvadora persica) provide further protection to the coastline by halting erosion and preserving the island’s natural beauty.

Manora Island Tourism

The long, sandy beaches of Manora, which flow smoothly into Sandspit and extend several kilometers in the direction of Hawkesbay, are now a popular hangout for Karachi residents. The magnificent Manora Point Lighthouse, which is among Pakistan’s tallest lighthouses at 38 meters (125 feet) in height, adds to the allure of the southeast tip of the island.

In response to the increasing number of visitors and travelers, the Sindh government has made investments to modernize the island’s infrastructure. This entails building driveways, dining establishments, lodging facilities, a golf course, and a playground for children.

The introduction of contemporary recreational amenities and water sports has further enhanced the island’s allure. A total of 650 million rupees was spent on the development and upgrading project. The newest attraction in Manora is the Manora Beach Resort, which was officially opened in October 2021 by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, serving as evidence of the town’s advancement.

In 2020, Manora Beach Road was upgraded in an attempt to improve connection by creating a smooth path that crosses Sandspit and connects Manora with Kakapir. Furthermore, the West and East Wharfs of KPT will be connected to Manora Island by a Harbour Crossing Bridge, which is part of the ambitious plans of the Karachi Port Trust (KPT). When this bridge is finished, it will shorten the distance—by over 30 kilometers—between Manora and the communities of Defence and Clifton.

Getting to the Islands

Traveling to these idyllic islands is a journey unto itself. Certain islands can be reached by boat from coastal cities like Gwadar and Karachi, while others might need to be transferred by helicopter or on leased boats. To visit these beautiful sites, you must make sure you have all the required permits and permissions and organize your trip in advance.

Best Time to Visit

It is important to choose the correct time of year to visit the islands because Pakistan’s climate can vary greatly. The winter and spring months are the best times to explore islands because of the nice weather and quiet seas. The monsoon season is best avoided because of the strong winds and heavy rains that might impede exploration and travel.

Accommodation and Facilities

While some islands appeal to tourists with tiny resorts and guesthouses, others offer rudimentary camping amenities for the more daring among us. On certain islands, expect a more rustic encounter as they prioritize maintaining their natural appeal. Don’t forget to bring the necessary materials and prescription drugs.

Respecting Local Culture and Environment

Respecting the local way of life and traditions in the places we visit is crucial for ethical travel. Accept the customs of the people and express gratitude for their way of life while engaging with them. Furthermore, take care of the surroundings and don’t leave any evidence of your stay. These immaculate islands will continue to be a treasure for future generations thanks to sustainable tourism.


1. Does Astola Island provide any lodging options?

There are no hotels on Astola Island at this time. If a guest wants to stay overnight, they should pack appropriately for camping.

2. How can I go to the island of Khiprianwala?

Local fishermen can arrange boat transportation or provide you with guidance to reach Khiprianwala Island.

3. Can I travel to the Twin Islands without a permit in advance?

Indeed, visitors do not need to obtain special authorization to visit the Twin Islands, Bundal, and Buddo, as they are already open to the public.

4. Is Charna Island suited for people who don’t dive?

Activities on Charna Island include speed boating, jet skiing, and cliff diving.

5. When is Malan Island the greatest place to visit?

The winter and spring months are the best times to visit Malan Island.

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