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Uniting Nations | International Visitors at Gandhara Centre

July 19, 2023

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Dr. Ramesh Kumar, chairman of the Gandhara Task Force, stated on Monday that he was glad to meet delegations from 31 different nations at the Gandhara centre and wanted to use this opportunity to promote tourism in Pakistan.

During his address to the press, he stated that it was his hope that people would come to Pakistan to learn about its history. He also mentioned that the history of the Gautam Budh began in Pakistan. “The promotion of tourism in Pakistan is one of my goals,” he stated further.

He went on to explain that he wanted to make Pakistan a country that was welcoming to tourists, noting that tourism was responsible for Vietnam’s $30 billion annual revenue. “I invited the Vietnamese delegation to fly to Pakistan through a chartered flight,” he continued. “It would be my pleasure to host them there.”

He stated that Pakistan has an enormous potential for the development of religious tourism.

He went on to suggest that the encouragement of tourism would help businesses thrive, would cut down on acts of terrorism, and would contribute to the general well-being of the nation. “All stakeholders, including security agencies, should play their roles in it,” he added. “It’s everyone’s responsibility.”

Kumar stated that the success of Pakistan was due to the sacrifices made by the armed forces. He also stated that tourism has the potential to play a significant part in the success of Pakistan’s economy. “Religious tourism can play an important role in playing a role in increasing the country’s GDP.

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