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Tribute to Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb: A Legacy of Peace

September 18, 2023


I received word at 22:34 on May 30, 2565, BE, of Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb’s untimely passing in a car accident as I rested following my nightly Dhamma Discourse at Buddhapojhariphunchai Forest Monastery under Royal Patronage, Lamphun, in the north of Thailand. I received the message from Mr. Imran Shauket through Dr. Nitinant Wisawesuan of Thailand’s Thammasat University, and I was genuinely startled by how abruptly he passed away.

Condolence Message

A few days ago, while I prepared to send the “Bell of Peace” to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on behalf of the Royal Thai Embassy to be located in Swat, I thought of Miangul Adnan. This is in response to Miangul Adnan’s request during my earlier visit to Taxila and Peshawar, Pakistan’s Buddhist Heritage Sites, where the rituals to install the Peace Bell were kindly held. It was intended to serve as a symbol of Pakistan, an important center of civilization for the world’s people and Buddhists in particular, conveying the sound of peace to the world.

Response from Zenab Adnan Aurangzeb

On October 30, 2562, at Peshwar, Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb was presented with a bell of peace by Most Venerable Arayawangso.”Angica vata sankhara Everything conditioned is transient. They naturally disappear after emerging. May the good deeds Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb committed during his lifetime be the driving factor that led him to the ecstatic states. To fulfill Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb’s dream to make Pakistan once again a place of peace for the people of Pakistan and the entire globe, the Bell of Peace, which will bear his name, will undoubtedly be erected on the territory of Swat.

May the Dhamma Power guard Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb so that he may live a peaceful and happy life in the future.  o, vanish. True happiness is to destroy all that is conditioned.” Most Venerable Arayawangso, Please accept my sincere condolences and sympathies. Lamphun, Thailand, Buddhapojhariphunchai Forest Monastery, 30 May 2565 BE at 23:09 (Thai time)My most revered Arayawangso, The love, adoration, and reverence you have shown to the soul of my late husband Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb, myself, and our family are beyond words. I will always be grateful to you for this.

Your kind words, prayers, and actions have meant the world to me at this difficult time. The healing process has benefited from it. I do not doubt that the prayers you have made will be honored by the soul of my spouse. 


My family and I will never forget your kind gesture of giving me your pen, placing a shawl on Prince Adnan’s grave, and then seeking his permission to take it with you. While Prince Adnan greatly appreciated you and was eager to entertain you and your crew in Swat, fate had other plans. 

You could travel to Swat, and I only desire that he was there to show you around personally. Please consider Adnan’s home your home and keep my late spouse, Adnan, in your prayers. We will always treasure our memories of you and your family, and we eagerly await your return.


Q1. Who informed Most Venerable Arayawangso about Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb’s passing?

Ans. Mr. Imran Shauket, through Dr. Nitinant Wisawesuan of Thailand’s Thammasat University, informed him.

Q2. What was the purpose of the “Bell of Peace” in Pakistan?

Ans. The Bell of Peace was intended to serve as a symbol of Pakistan, conveying the sound of peace to the world, particularly to Buddhists, and symbolizing the country as an essential center of civilization.

Q3. How did Most Venerable Arayawangso express his condolences?

Ans. He offered prayers and kind words, expressing his sympathies and condolences for Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb’s passing.

Q4. What special connection did Most Venerable Arayawangso have with Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb?

Ans. Most Venerable Arayawangso had presented a bell of peace to Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb in Peshawar, and the two shared a vision of promoting peace in Pakistan.

Q5. How did Zenab Adnan Aurangzeb respond to Most Venerable Arayawangso’s condolences?

Ans. Zenab expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for Arayawangso’s support during this challenging time and shared her wishes for his return to Swat.

Q6. What was the significance of the shawl placed on Prince Adnan’s grave?

Ans. Most Venerable Arayawangso placed a shawl on Prince Adnan’s grave as a gesture of respect and honor, seeking permission to take it.

Q7. What did Zenab Adnan Aurangzeb convey regarding Adnan’s home and her family’s memories?

Ans. Zenab considered Adnan’s home as Arayawangso’s home and expressed her family’s treasured memories of him, eagerly awaiting his return.

Q8. What message did Zenab Adnan Aurangzeb convey through her letter?

Ans. Zenab conveyed her gratitude, warm wishes, and appreciation for the relationship with Most Venerable Arayawangso and her family’s readiness to welcome him back.

Q9. What does the “Bell of Peace” symbolize in Swat Valley’s future?

Ans. The “Bell of Peace” symbolizes peace and promotes Swat Valley as a place of peace and spiritual significance for people from all nations.

Q10. How did Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb envision the “Bell of Peace” contributing to Pakistan?

Ans. Miangul Adnan Aurangzeb saw the “Bell of Peace” as a means to make Pakistan a place of peace for its people and the world.

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