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Tourism Concerns in Pakistan

November 22, 2023

I want to thank everyone who visits our region each year and contributes to the local economy on behalf of the people of Baltistan. However, it would be great if they could utilize the garbage cans rather than scattering their litter everywhere. Let us pause to acknowledge the beauty of the Deosai Plateau, which is a true blessing for all of us. However, the well-known tourist attraction is getting more and more contaminated daily. I can promise you that the plateau was never as dirty as it is now, having grown up here. Together, let’s take a moment to appreciate the breathtaking surroundings. By doing this, we can all work together to impact the preservation of Baltistan’s magnificent scenery significantly.

Neglected Victims

In 2018, my family used our savings to purchase a villa in a gated neighborhood outside Karachi. We are still waiting for possession, which will happen by March 2019. My mother passed away recently. She loved gardening and intended to establish a kitchen garden there someday. The real estate tycoon has fooled the middle class, but this is not mentioned in the national media among all the stories about “greed unlimited” surrounding the housing project.

Families like mine have nowhere to turn for assistance; they can only vent their suffering and hope that the relevant authorities will eventually develop a conscience. Would they?

Heritage Sites

Travelers visit Pakistan to see the Buddhist monastery Takht-i-Bahi, the Katas Raj temple, Ranikot Fort, Noor Mahal, and Mohenjo Daro. They return richer in cultural and historical allusions. Pakistani tourism may increase as a result of these historic places. The nation has the potential to be a popular tourism destination due to its varied scenery, vibrant culture, and friendly people. The nation can attract many visitors by promoting and protecting these historical landmarks.

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