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Top 10 Best Clubs in Islamabad in 2023

June 9, 2023

Clubs in Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad has various recreational and leisure opportunities, but clubs stand out. These upscale places provide a haven of rest, entertainment, and camaraderie while catering to the different needs and interests of the city’s citizens. Islamabad’s clubs offer an appealing and stimulating experience for locals and visitors alike, whether you’re looking for a haven for sports, a center for networking, or a stage for cultural inquiry. 

Join us as we explore the intriguing world of Islamabad’s clubs, where tradition and modernity collide, and friendships are created against a background of elegance and charm. Clubs in Islamabad provide a haven of amusement and relaxation for people looking for a break from their regular routines. 

There is something for everyone at these upscale restaurants, which cater to a wide range of interests and inclinations. Islamabad’s clubs offer various activities to engage, inspire, and revitalize people of all interests, from sports fans and fitness enthusiasts to cultural connoisseurs and social butterflies. As we investigate the pleasant world of clubs in Islamabad, where free time takes on an entirely new level of pleasure and fulfillment, immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.

Top 10 Best Clubs in Islamabad

Here is the List of the Top 10 Best Clubs in Islamabad and Their Membership Guide

1. Lakeshore Club

One can relax and take in the beauty of their surroundings at Lakeshore Club, which offers a haven of peace. The club welcomes individuals and families to partake in various activities, from reviving swims in the pool to energizing sports and fitness programs, thanks to its well-kept landscapes, welcoming pools, and various recreational amenities.

Lakeshore Club is the ideal location for individuals looking for a break from the hectic city life and a chance to immerse themselves in the picturesque appeal of Lakeshore City, whether looking for refuge in the tranquility of nature or seeking social ties within a welcoming community.

 Lakeshore City is Pakistan’s first-ever city with eccentric amenities.

  • Archery Club
  • A place for Shooting Range
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Helipad
  • Wildlife Preservation Space
  • Hiking Trail
  • Floating Resort
  • Waterpark
  • Boat Dine In
  • Boating Space
  • Parasailing
  • Skydiving
  • Sky Walk
  • Scuba Diving
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Jet Skiing
  • Kayaking
  • Zip Lining
  • Wake Tubing
  • Education Sector
  • Hospital
  • Conference Room
  • Event Space

Membership of Lakeshore Club

The members of Lakeshore Residencia have a discount of 50% on these mentioned clubs. Even if you are not a member of the Lakeshore Residencia community, we have made it easier for you to attend our club with specific affordable membership packages. The Lakeshore residents will receive access to membership in the Lakeshore Club for only 10 Lac Rupees.

There are different clubs in Lakeshore City for the residents of society. These clubs are categorized as follows:

  1. Elite Club
  2. Downtown Club
  3. Reciprocal National Club
  4. Reciprocal International Club

Elite Club

The Elite Club is a top the spectacular High Mountain Point, overlooking Lakeshore City’s breathtaking scenery, representing luxury and sophistication. This elegant club, close to Islamabad, gives its discerning members a genuinely enhanced experience. The Elite Club has several top-notch amenities and services that have been painstakingly created to satisfy its respected clients’ interests and needs. 

The club goes above and beyond to ensure a fantastic experience, whether you want to indulge in a reviving spa treatment, savor delicious culinary delights at its fine dining restaurants, or participate in exhilarating sports activities. 

The Elite Club offers a tranquil sanctuary where members can unwind, socialize, and make enduring memories. It offers panoramic views of Lakeshore City and the surrounding natural beauties.

Downtown Club

The Downtown Club personifies modern elegance and urban sophistication. With a blend of contemporary amenities and a buzzing social scene, this exclusive club provides its members a dynamic and engaging experience. You are welcomed by the Downtown Club’s slick, fashionable d├ęcor, which conveys an air of elegance, as soon as you enter.

The club offers a variety of recreational facilities to satisfy your every need, whether you’re in the mood for an energizing exercise at the cutting-edge fitness center, a cool dip in the stunning pool, or a friendly match on the tennis courts. The Downtown Club also conducts activities like themed parties and live music shows to encourage members to mingle and build connections. 

Reciprocal National Club

The Lakeshore Club, which epitomizes luxury and exclusivity, offers its illustrious members access to a beautiful world of privilege and status. This prestigious club, which epitomizes refined luxury, offers a unique membership experience that weaves reciprocity into an exquisite tapestry. 

Like a constellation of sumptuous stars, Lakeshore Club invites its members to go out on an artistic voyage of unmatched experiences by extending its cosmic reach to include ten reciprocal national clubs. Each Reciprocal National Club offers its chosen clients a tapestry of sophisticated pleasure, from the revered halls of history to the dazzling galleries of culture.

A symphony of opulence greets the senses as the doors swing open, tying together the melodic notes of companionship, access, and unrestrained privilege. Members of the Lakeshore Club move through this brilliant network, where distinctions disappear, and a world of creative immersion awaits, creating a beautiful portrayal of affluent living and prized relationships.

Reciprocal International Club 

All Lakeshore Club members will be given the chance to join 30-plus Clubs. The clubs can be found abroad in the UAE, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Azar-Bhaijan, and Uzbekistan. Additionally, these members will receive special prices at these international clubs.

2. The Club – Eighteen Islamabad

The Club in Eighteen Islamabad is the epitome of luxury and is the finest masterpiece of Pakistan’s 18-hole championship course. The Eighteen Club, located in the center of the beautiful Eighteen development, is a cutting-edge masterpiece that provides a haven for golf lovers, social events, and recreational interests. The club, which has a commanding view of Pakistan’s best 18-hole championship golf course, is where most activities and social gatherings occur at Eighteen.

With various amenities, such as a cricket pitch, squash courts, a sports hall, swimming pools, a pro shop, a yoga studio, and even an exclusive cigar club, you can immerse yourself in a world of sporting brilliance.

The architectural style of the club harmoniously combines with the surrounding natural beauty, striking a balance between the lush fairways, lakes, and greens. It offers the perfect environment for unwinding, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing. The Eighteen Club provides for all your needs, whether you are a seasoned golfer or a casual enthusiast, guaranteeing a fantastic experience for aspiring pros and fair-weather novices.

3. Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club located in the center of Pakistan’s bustling capital city, is a monument to brilliance and sophistication. This exclusive establishment has a wide range of top-notch amenities to meet the high standards of its esteemed members. Islamabad Club is an unrivaled oasis of luxury and relaxation. It offers everything from cutting-edge sports complexes with tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course to exquisite dining experiences at its renowned restaurants. 

Its expansive grounds, rich vegetation, and immaculately maintained landscapes offer a tranquil haven away from the busy metropolis. Islamabad Club occupies a particular place in its members’ hearts thanks to its commitment to outstanding service and cultivating a sense of community, assuring a haven of exclusivity and companionship for those seeking the pinnacle of sophistication.

Membership for Islamabad Club


(1) The number of Islamabad Club members in each of the several categories listed in these Regulations at any given time shall be at most ten thousand (10,000), except for those exempt from the Balloting Committee’s interview process and tenure memberships. The Federal Government, however, can change this if desired.

(2) As a result, the Administrator may fix the total number of Members to be inducted in any class mentioned in these Regulations within a particular calendar/financial year as long as it stays within the allotted maximum. The Administrator may also outline the conditions for relaxation in any class if necessary. Such laxity, though, should be the exception rather than the rule.

4. Park View Golf Estate

Park View Golf Estate Club is located in Islamabad’s picturesque Parkview City neighborhood, is a shining example of luxury and relaxation. This exclusive retreat offers many top-notch amenities and first-rate facilities to cater to the needs of its discriminating members. 

The club has a state-of-the-art fitness center that attracts sports enthusiasts with its cutting-edge equipment and specialized training plans. Members are invited to use the beautiful pool’s refreshing laps or to relax in the oasis’s sun-kissed surroundings. The cuisine at Parkview City Club is a gastronomic feast, with a selection of excellent dining alternatives to suit every taste. Members can enjoy the pinnacle of culinary artistry, whether indulging in gourmet food or unwinding with a cool drink at the bar. 

The club is also dedicated to fostering an active social community. Regular occasions, social gatherings, and leisure pursuits promote community and produce priceless memories. The Parkview City Club epitomizes refinement and provides its members with a stunning refuge where luxury, entertainment, and a buzzing social scene converge.

5. DHA Family Club

DHA Family Club is located within the prominent and esteemed Defence Housing Authority (DHA) neighborhood, is a monument to the comfort, luxury, and sophisticated lifestyle. This elite club, spread across 20 acres of beautiful greenery, offers a tranquil retreat for its valued members. DHA Family Club provides unmatched convenience and accessibility thanks to its enviable location in the middle of the twin cities.

The dedication of the club’s staff to providing excellent service is evident in their professionalism and effectiveness. Whether for people looking to unwind or corporations needing flawless event management, DHA Family Club offers each guest a unique and tailored experience. 

The club cultivates a vibrant and welcoming community that promotes lifelong connections and treasured memories with a calendar packed with social events, cultural celebrations, and recreational activities.

DHA Family Club perfectly exemplifies how class, exclusivity, and dedication to improving members’ lives coexist. The club offers a place where dreams are satisfied, and lifestyles are elevated with its unmatched elegance, comprehensive amenities, and tranquil setting.

6. Margalla Greens Golf Club

Margalla Greens Golf Club perched amidst the majestic Margalla Hills is a magical haven for people seeking peace and indulgence. This elite club spread out over a lovely setting, is well known for its first-rate amenities, which appeal to various interests and tastes. 

Adventure activities, beautiful hikes, and guided tours are available for nature lovers who want to experience the breathtaking splendor of the nearby hills. Members of the club may stay active and energized thanks to the club’s cutting-edge sporting facilities, which include tennis courts, swimming pools, and a fully-stocked fitness center.

This great club offers a haven of luxury, wellness, and leisure in the embrace of the Margalla Hills. The Margalla Hills Club invites you with its unequaled amenities and the promise of a fantastic experience amidst the natural splendor of the surroundings, whether looking for adventure, leisure or simply a respite from the busy city.

7. Serena Top Night Club in Islamabad

One of the best nightclubs in the energetic city is located inside the Serena Hotel Islamabad, known as the pinnacle of elegance and refinement. Serena Hotel Night Club in Islamabad offers an exceptional nightlife experience in addition to its luxury lodgings and impeccable service.

Enter a world of elegance and excitement as the club reveals its outstanding facilities. A memorable night of music, dancing, and celebration can be had thanks to the cutting-edge sound system and eye-catching lighting. The club caters to various musical preferences with renowned DJs, live performances, and themed events. It draws a discriminating customer looking to relax and socialize in a fashionable environment thanks to its stylish atmosphere.

The club also provides a wide selection of premium drinks and artisan cocktails that mixologists have expertly created. The nightclub at the Serena Hotel Islamabad guarantees a fantastic experience, leaving clients with priceless memories and a desire to return again and again, whether it’s a special occasion or a night out with friends.

8. Gun & Country Club

Gun & Country Club is located on the serene outskirts of Islamabad, is a top destination for people who enjoy outdoor sports and leisure time. This prestigious club caters to people and families and offers a distinctive fusion of style, adventure, and fellowship. The club provides a refuge for individuals passionate about shooting sports, with a vast environment spanning lush green fields and immaculate shooting ranges. 

Gun and Country Club offers first-rate facilities and qualified instructors, offering members a secure and exhilarating experience, whether shooting clay pigeons or using rifle ranges. The club’s dedication to excellence is further demonstrated by its outstanding dining establishments, which serve mouthwatering food that pleases even the most discriminating palates. 

Gun & Country Club embodies leisure with its calm atmosphere, gracious hospitality, and wide range of activities, making it the perfect getaway for sports fans and those looking for a peaceful escape in the middle of nature.

9. The Basil Leaf Club

This prestigious club is known for its elegant dining occasions where food is treated as an art form. The Basil Leaf Club takes great pleasure in its careful attention to detail, from the thoughtfully chosen food to the exquisite setting that fosters an appealing ambiance. 

The Basil Leaf Club which specializes in fine dining, offers a wide variety of gastronomic pleasures, from international cuisines to fusion concoctions that highlight the inventiveness of outstanding chefs. Each meal is meticulously and passionately prepared using only the finest ingredients and cutting-edge cooking methods to create a multisensory feast. 

10. Bahria Mini Golf Club

The Bahria Mini Golf Club is a pleasant haven for enthusiasts and families looking for leisurely enjoyment. It is located within the thriving Bahria Town neighborhood. This quaint club is home to an expertly crafted mini-golf course that winds through beautiful green scenery and provides a fun challenge for players of all ages. The Bahria Mini Golf Club offers the ideal balance of entertainment and leisure, enabling people to improve their putting while soaking in the tranquil atmosphere.


Q1. How can I become a member of the clubs mentioned in the blog?

Ans. Each club has its membership process and criteria. You can visit their websites or contact them directly for information on membership application procedures, fees, and requirements.

Q2. Are these clubs open to non-residents or visitors of Islamabad?

Ans. Some clubs offer memberships exclusively to residents of specific neighborhoods or communities, while others may have options for non-residents or visitors. It’s best to check with each club individually to determine their non-resident or visitor memberships policies.

Q3. Can I visit the clubs as a guest if I’m not a member?

Ans. Many clubs allow non-members to visit as guests, either through an invitation from a member or by paying a guest fee. However, access to certain facilities and amenities may be restricted to members only. Contact the clubs directly to inquire about guest policies and fees.

Q4.Do these clubs offer discounts or special privileges to their members?

Ans. Some clubs mentioned in the blog offer discounts or special privileges to their members, such as discounted rates at international clubs or discounted access to certain facilities. It’s recommended to review the membership benefits and perks each club provides to understand the privileges offered.

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