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Tips for Budget Travelling in Pakistan

October 13, 2023

Pakistan is a land of natural beauty and historical landmarks. No matter where you want to visit, there is always a way to reduce expenses while satisfying your wanderlust. Here are some of the best tips to travel on a budget in Pakistan.

Top Tips to Travel on a Budget in Pakistan

Budget travel in Pakistan may appear unattainable, but there are some really simple ideas and tactics to help you save money and visit the places on your bucket list. Let’s go through some of the top budget travel recommendations in Pakistan to assist you plan cost-effective travels.

Planning Trips During Off-peak Seasons

The first rule for travelling on a budget is to always travel in the off-peak season when you’ll get the smallest crowds, the best vacancies, and the most cost-effective prices for everything from tickets to accommodation. Within Pakistan, most people travel to the northern areas in the summer to escape the blazing heat in their own city but if you want to beat the crowds, head up north in the early winter season when the cold is bearable and the region is less crowded by tourists.

Similarly, if you want to head towards Balochistan, the province has a fairly hot climate with winter being the best time to explore it, but you can save money if you visit it in autumn or early spring instead. Ultimately, you need to do some research on the best time to explore the region you’re planning to visit. Next, you’ll have to check out the climatic conditions during off-peak seasons at your chosen destination to determine whether it would be feasible to plan your tour in the colder/warmer months accordingly.

Travelling to Cheaper Destinations

If you’re travelling on a budget, reduce the length of the commute to your destination and keep the mode of transport as simple as possible. This might mean travelling locally, only within your own province to see what it has in store for you. It may also mean opting for a cheaper train ride rather than a costly flight and taking longer to reach the destination but spending less overall.

Keeping this tip in mind, search for the best road trips in Pakistan and opt for the one closest to home. Here are some road trip essentials that you should not miss out on before embarking on your journey. If travelling by road isn’t satisfying, consider booking a train ride to save up on the airfare. We’ll discuss how to cut down on airfare below if that is the only option available or if that is your preferred mode of transport.

Using Frequent Flier Miles

If you enjoy traveling, we strongly advise you to join a frequent flier program with the airline you use the most. The program is free and allows you to accumulate free flying miles for each flight you take on the particular carrier. Ultimately, you can swap the collected miles for a free journey to your destination, as long as it is less than or equal to the number of miles you’ve been given over time.

Buying Air Tickets During Discounts

Don’t be concerned if you haven’t joined a frequent flier program. Most airlines offer specials and discounts to various destinations at various periods of the year. Follow different airlines’ social media profiles and join certain travel-related groups to remain up to date on the latest offers so you may buy a ticket in advance for your next trip. Most offers and discounts allow for travel dates of up to six months in advance, so you can buy a reduced ticket now for a vacation in the second half of the year.

Avoiding Pre-travel Shopping Sprees

We all love to look good while travelling but we’d advise saving the money for souvenirs and local cuisine rather than spending it on clothes before the trip. However, if you’re going camping or taking a road trip, it is always best to have all of the necessary equipment at hand before you begin your journey.

Accordingly, you may need to spend money on essentials depending on where you’re going and for how long. Camping equipment, hiking boots, a sturdy backpack, and warm clothes including a jacket, hat and gloves, are just some of the things that you should buy based on your itinerary and the current weather at your destination. Here is a complete checklist for all beginner-level backpackers. You should also check out these camping sites in Pakistan and some of the best tips and hacks for camping outdoors while planning your trip.

Staying in Motels/guesthouses Rather Than Hotels

Along with opting for a road trip, consider booking your accommodation in small motels, lodges, and guesthouses instead of renowned 4-star or 5-star hotels. While this shouldn’t be too difficult to do in the remote villages up north, where staying with the locals is the most common way to travel through the region for all tourists, you’ll need to use this tip in all of the major cities as well, if you truly want to make the most of your savings while you travel.

In most cases, local motels and guesthouses might not have an online presence and thus, it will be harder to make reservations beforehand. Thus, you will need to search for accommodation on the spot, after you arrive in town. However, every province does have its share of government-run motels that are well-maintained and cheap. You may be able to book a stay in these motels online from the official government-based websites.

This finishes our inexpensive travel tips for Pakistan. Remember that where you travel, how you get there, and what you do once you get are entirely up to you, and only you can decide which aspects of the experience are worthwhile to spend more money on. If you plan ahead of time for your trip, you should have no problems.

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