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SAP Highlights the Role of Technology in Shaping a Sustainable Future

December 12, 2023

During a recent meeting at a local hotel, Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director of SAP Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, emphasized the critical role of implementing cutting-edge technology solutions in promoting sustainability in Pakistan and worldwide.

In order to develop more sustainable business models, SAP uses the idea of the “intelligent enterprise,” which makes use of cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics. Due to these technologies, businesses may reduce energy consumption, increase resource efficiency, and make more sustainable decisions.

In highlighting the need for sustainable tech solutions for companies, Saquib said, “Technology is a powerful enabler for sustainability, offering creative solutions to global problems.” Process optimization, educated decision-making, and positive environmental effects enable businesses and individuals to thrive.

To advance sustainability efforts, SAP actively works with institutions, governments, and non-governmental organizations worldwide. These collaborations seek to increase awareness, exchange best practices, and provide creative answers to serious environmental problems. Saquib also emphasized SAP’s adaptability as a source of tailored solutions for its clients, demonstrating the organization’s dedication to innovation and support of environmentally friendly business practices.

Speaking further on the fundamentals of environmentally friendly technology solutions for commercial businesses, Saquib said, “Technology allows companies to fill up gaps in their physical infrastructure. It has worldwide connectivity and ensures prompt implementation of choices throughout the environment. Pakistan’s economy is still in its early stages, but its technical skills might make it more competitive and encourage cooperation and links that would benefit the environment.

Muhammad Shamuel Ali, Director, Mid Market & Net New Names, SAP Pakistan, Iraq, & Afghanistan, reinforced the importance of IT for a sustainable future. He said: “It is easiest to invest in IT solutions as almost everything is on the cloud today, and there is no need for an elaborate physical infrastructure. Pakistan is already producing good quality products; it’s the framework of sustainable policies and practices that will ensure Pakistan is ready to compete with the global players.”

Fahad Zahid, Director, Large Enterprise Group, SAP Pakistan, said: “With a strong technological infrastructure, the freelance business in Pakistan can be a big contributor to the economy.” He also emphasized the strength of Pakistan’s potential, stating that 70% of the country’s IT exports come from the service industry. He also highlighted Pakistan’s potential, stating that the service sector is responsible for 70% of the country’s IT exports.

Saquib highlighted SAP’s contribution to organizations’ operational optimization, waste reduction, and environmental impact minimization through cutting-edge technological solutions. SAP helps businesses track and manage their sustainability objectives and goals with its software products.

At the end, Saquib said, “Technology is not just a tool; it is the catalyst for a sustainable revolution.” We are driving a future where efficiency and conservation coexist, creating a prosperous yet resource-conscious world by combining modern technology with environmentally beneficial practices.

SAP is well-established in practically every sector of Pakistani industry. The aim of this media gathering was to raise awareness regarding the transformational power of technology in influencing a future that is more environmentally responsible and sustainable for Pakistani enterprises. The conversation that followed helped people comprehend how ideas and technology coming together may promote environmental sustainability in a variety of fields.

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