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South Korea Plans Pilgrims’ Visit to Buddhist Sacred Sites

August 9, 2023

By March or April of this year, the South Korean government hopes to have organized a trial trip of Buddhist holy sites in Gandhara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

South Korean Ambassador Kwak Sung-Kyu made this statement in an interview with this news organization. The envoy stated that he was making plans to transport Buddhist pilgrims to KP’s holy sites.

He hoped that by taking this step, cultural connections between the two nations would be bolstered and Islamic tourism to Pakistan would increase.

Mr. Sung-Kyu stated that two other projects aimed at enhancing the country’s ability to treat historical artifacts and luring historical and archeological officials and academics, ideally from institutions housing collections of Buddhist art from Gandhara, to Korea, will follow the launch of the program.

He remarked that historical ties between Pakistan and South Korea have fostered great cultural ties between the two countries. The shared history of Buddhism between the two countries is significant for strengthening the cultural and religious relations between the two nations.

The ambassador recently presented the Department of Archeology and Museums in Islamabad with cutting-edge preservation technology valued at $50,000.

The conservation tools will aid in the long-term protection of priceless artifacts discovered in the ruins of ancient Buddhist temples in the Gandhara region.

The museum’s air conditioning system, antiquity cleaning tools including stereomicroscopes and ultrasonic cleaners, and conservation supplies were all part of the package.

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