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Sikhs Extend Help in Relief Work in Flood-hit Areas

August 10, 2023

Punjabi Sikhs from the UK have also reacted to the cry for assistance of the historic floods that ravaged the length and width of Pakistan as relief efforts continue in the flood-affected parts of Punjab.

For Nasir Dhillon of Punjabi Lehar in south Punjab, today is the fourth day (Sunday). After spending a few days in the Vehova town of Taunsa Sharif in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan, he is currently carrying out relief work in the Rojhan area of the Rajanpur district.

Most aid organisations and employees head to urban regions; they avoid rural and katcha areas, where floodwater is still standing and people are stuck. We decide on such places and travel there. According to Dhillon, in order to reach these folks and give the necessities, they hire boats or motorcycles.

“We put up medical camps and prepare food at langar for about 1,500 people every day. I’m here with between 25 and 30 volunteers. Only the culinary staff is paid; everyone else is a volunteer.

Nasir claims that in addition to providing aid, they are conducting a poll since the situation is dire and accurate information is necessary to determine who needs assistance the most.

Doctors from Chiniot, Lahore, and Faisalabad are on his team. The Khalsa Aid intends to stay for months while their initial intention is for them to stay for two weeks.

They are receiving assistance from Khalsa Aid, a charity for humanitarian relief established in the UK by Ravi (Ravinder) Singh.

“Khalsa Aid is raising money in western nations and has broader ambitions for rehabilitation, including the building of homes.

“There is a potential to spread love across cultures and between India and Pakistan during this difficult period. They are employed here now, and if there is a natural disaster tomorrow, the Pakistanis ought to be employed there as well, he advises.

According to Nasir, there is a rehabilitation phase because those who survived the flood had their homes ruined and were left without any food or useful items.

According to Gurpreet Singh, the operations manager of Khalsa Aid, after the destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan, they considered taking part in flood relief efforts and received pleas for assistance from people on social media as well. The Khalsa Aid’s operations are not limited to Punjab alone.

The first thing we did was hire Nasir Dhillon to assist us in south Punjab.Three teams are currently working not only in Punjab but also in Sukkur in Sindh and Swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, according to Singh, who was speaking to Dawn on the phone from the UK.

The Khalsa Aid team operating in Sukkur began operations from the Gurdwara Beri Sahib in Sialkot. The team is assembling food and other necessities and transporting them to Sukkur in the Sindh province.

“Today (Sunday), our Sukkur team delivered tents to at least 250 families and set up langar for them twice or three times daily. On Monday, the group will increase the scope of the task. Working in Bahrain close to Swat is the Swat team in KP.

According to Mr. Singh, the charity has filed a request for tents in the UK since they are urgently needed for shelter. With the help of British Airways, these tents would be shipped to Pakistan within a short period of time.

When discussing the long-term rehabilitation of flood victims, Gurpreet Singh notes that Khalsa Aid is still active in the East Punjab, where a flood devastated the region in 2019. Three years later, the charity is still working there on rehabilitation.

We also have a long-term recovery strategy. We would first evaluate it, focusing on the holes that the government and other groups have left.

He claims that we would look into what could be done for livestock, jobs, or reconstruction in the impacted areas.

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