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Pakistan is Committed to Promoting Eco-friendly Tourism for a Viable Future

December 1, 2023

According to Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi, the nation in South Asia is dedicated to advancing environmentally conscious travel, with a particular emphasis on green investments for a sustainable future.

The president of Pakistan emphasized in his speech, World Tourism Day, the importance of long-term planning to grow the tourism sector sustainably in the face of a climate emergency that is endangering travel destinations worldwide.

“This year’s theme provides a great chance to harness the full potential of sustainable tourism by motivating private actors to follow zero-emission pathways, reduce the use of energy, and leverage renewable forms of energy to protect the biological diversity and ecological equilibrium of all destinations,” Alvi stated.

He stated that high mountain peaks, breathtaking coastlines, lovely lakes, verdant valleys, and ancient civilizations are just a few of the world’s most fascinating tourist destinations found in Pakistan. He further suggested that all parties involved work together to realize Pakistan’s sustainable tourism development’s huge potential.

Alvi thought that the global climate emergency jeopardized not just the sustainability of people and businesses that rely on tourism, but also many popular tourist locations.

Due to the negative effects of climate change, emerging nations in particular are facing an increasing investment imbalance and a crisis in their cost of living. In order to support productivity and growth in the economy, the time has come for novel and creative ideas as well as more conventional investments, he stated. 

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