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NexFest; Lakeshore City is Organizing Event in May 2023

June 27, 2023

Who doesn’t enjoy fun, cuisine, speed, and thrills? Everyone in order!We have everything ready for you Lakeshore City and Nexperts are ready to light the world on fire with a stunning event called “NexFest” that will transform the way you all enjoy fun. It offers the chance to experience novel foods, take in stunning automobiles, and listen to excellent music in a lively and festive setting. The residents of the Twin Cities have always made for a fantastic audience for these events and they always make sure to go all out. And the organisers make every effort to prevent the audience from missing out on such occasions. As a result, Nexperts have also planned NexFest, a wonderful event, for you guys.

NexFest Event in Islamabad 2023

Mark March 11 on your calendars and get ready for a weekend of sheer fun and enjoyment thanks to NexFest, which will provide you with all of this and much more. Join us for this exciting family festival at the Jinnah Convention Centre. NexFest is the first ‘Neon Themed’ occasion where you may explore the vibrant world of neon! The theme of this event is explosive energy, bright designs, and vivid colours. The area is filled with anticipation and excitement, with neon lights illuminating everything in its path.

With the pounding pulse of the music, the shine of the lights, and the diverse crowd, this neon-themed event will overwhelm you with sights and noises. You will be engrossed in the night’s excitement whether you are wearing garish fluorescent colours or are simply taking it all in.

Take a stroll around the neon-lit pathways to explore the many areas, each with a distinctive atmosphere and aesthetic. There is something for everyone at this event, from the slick and chic to the wild and outlandish. Also, don’t forget the refreshments and food! You can choose from a variety of sweets and cocktails that are all inspired by neon, each one more striking than the previous.

What NexFest Event is Providing?

NexFest has made sure to unite the twin cities’ foodies, car buffs, and music fans in one location to rock their weekend. You will receive all you had hoped for. This event is a celebration of everything that makes life enjoyable and exciting, whether you’re there to sing the night away, make new friends, or just take it all in. So have fun, embrace NexFest, and get ready for a night you won’t soon forget!

The entire event is split into two categories: Half vibe and Full vibe, and you can choose to purchase tickets based on your preferences.

Food Gala At NexFest Event Islamabad

At this festival, you may find food trucks, kiosks and restaurants all serving the hungry audiences their speciality delicacies. You can easily spend the entire day touring the many food booths and sampling their delectable products because there are so many selections available.

Auto Car Show in NexFest Islamabad 2023 

The festival is a delight for car lovers. Attending an automobile show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, regardless of whether you are an avid car enthusiast or simply admire the beauty and ingenuity of these vehicles. You can find any type of car here, including classic, sports, and luxury vehicles.

Car clubs from all across the nation assemble to display their greatest treasures, and guests may get a closer look at the cars, speak with the owners, and discover more about the background and features of each car. Additionally, the festival has drag racing, automobile contests, and other thrilling activities that will keep automotive aficionados entertained all weekend long.

It’s not just going to be a regular auto display; instead, a full-on mood booster with live music from bands and DJs is planned. The NexFest Event car show crowd will enjoy a rousing atmosphere thanks to BHB band and DJ Nida.

Music Concert At NexFest Event Islamabad 2023

At the starry evening we have arranged for you, dance to the beats and sing along to your favourite tunes. Here, you may groove to the tunes of Pakistan’s one and only Kaifi Khalil, a rising star who is eager to play for his fans. With his wonderful voice and moving songs, Kaifi has captured the hearts of millions of people everywhere, not only in Pakistan.

We have taken care to give Pakistan’s young and burgeoning talents a platform for success. Amazing Checkonetwo, Daud Rahat, gorgeous Alizeh Khan, and Huzaifa Yasir. The amazing Suleman Rasheed, Talha Khan, and Omar 4.20 will be in the house to entertain you. They enjoy making their listeners gasp for air and connecting with them through their attention-grabbing abilities.

Get ready for some thrilling surprises at NexFest Islamabad 2023 since there is much more waiting for you in the box in addition to this. Because on March 11 at the Jinnah Convention Centre, Lakeshore City and Nexperts will organise one of the most legendary events ever. In order to purchase tickets in the category (half vibe/full vibe) of your choice, you can either do so in person or by scanning the QR code.

FAQs About NexFest Event Islamabad 

Q: When is NeFext event in Islamabad?

A: NexFest event is on 11th of March 2023.

Q: Where is NexFest Event going to be held?

A: NexFest event is going to be held at Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad.

Q: Who are the Organizers of NexFest event in Islamabad?

A: Lakeshore City and Nexperts are the Organizers of NexFest event.

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