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MV Arayawangso: A Journey of Vision, Honor, and Miracles

September 27, 2023


I was so grateful and honored to have been allowed to contribute to this book. I was also very fortunate to have had the opportunity to follow and support M.V. Aray-awangso and his followers during their stay in Pakistan during the Rains Retreat in 2022. This was the first time in around 2,000 years that Buddhism flourished in modern-day Pakistan. As a group member touring various locations in Pakistan, I have witnessed several world heritage sites where locals in the past and present, including Pakistanis, have attempted to preserve them.

Even though most people in present-day Pakistan are Muslims, these heritages have been taken as much care of as possible. This trip has been supported by the Government of Pakistan, the provincial governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, law enforcement officers, Inter-Services Intelligence, and all Pakistanis, who have always provided us with heartfelt hospitality and assistance, which contributed to the success of the trip.

MV Arayawangso A Man of Vision

“You are my former son from Ghandara State in JambuDvipaU. You have a strong desire and heartfelt intention to help preserve your motherland. I am confident you were and will continue to be pleased whenever I visit Pakistan.”

MV Arayawangso

Message to Imran Shaukat

Dec 12, 2019 

Father and son have been reunited after over 2,000 years!

In Pakistan, the son and MV’s numerous devoted disciples and well-wishers coordinate trans-transformational initiatives based on the father’s wisdom and knowledge.

I met Most Venerable Arayawangso at Thammasat University on May 25, 2017. A dear friend and Secretary of MV, Vice Rector Nitinant, organized the meeting. Earlier, the Ambassador of Pakistan to Thailand had asked me to facilitate the trip on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, and the meeting was the culmination of two years of seemingly failed efforts to bring MV to Pakistan. MV wanted to meet to discuss making the trip a reality. Meeting MV was a life-altering experience. His smile is contagious, and his intellect is profound yet simple and direct. His company immediately places one at ease, and one begins to absorb knowledge as if by osmosis.

MV began the conversation by asking two straightforward questions: “Imran, can you tell me why some people are preventing me from visiting Pakistan because it is a dangerous country? And what is your agenda for me to visit Pakistan?” With 240 million people, Pakistan is the fifth-largest country in the world. Being such a large country, there are naturally areas of insecurity in Pakistan. Which sizable nation does not contain hazardous regions? However, in general. Pakistan is a very secure location.

In New York City, more individuals are targeted in a month than in Pakistan in a year. And in response to your second query. Pakistan must pay attention to its Buddhist roots; people will recognize you when you arrive. As you will soon discover, Buddhist philosophy is beautiful and peaceful. In addition, more people will accompany you to Pakistan, increasing awareness of Gandhara and creating economic opportunities for the people of Pakistan.

MV paused before responding, “I will visit Pakistan, Imran.” I will propagate the 2300-year-old message of wisdom and peace that originated in Pakistan. After my arrival, many of my disciples and other Buddhists will follow, increasing tourism in Pakistan and benefiting its economy. I then realized that MV’s vision for Pakistan was much more expansive than I had ever envisaged.

In October 2019, MV traveled to Pakistan for nine days. He brought”Bells of Peace” to be installed in Taxila and Peshawarmuseums. MV met and impressed the President, ministers, diplomats, and, most importantly, the ordinary people he encountered. He amazed people with his depth of knowledge and understanding. His quick understanding of the people of Pakistan has been nothing short of remarkable. The people of Pakistan have a depth of affection that I have not experienced elsewhere, but they are also divided and want to be united.

I have observed that MV never “visits” a location. Everywhere he goes, something visionary emerges. Shortly after his journey to Pakistan, he published the book “Onwards to Pakistan” as a memoir. He visited the Dharmarajika stupa and wanted to establish a nearby meditation center. He saw Bhamala and then proposed a restoration plan for the “Sleeping Buddha” of Bhamala.

In 2019, he visited Pakistan briefly, and his vision evolved into his return for a Rains Retreat with hundreds of disciples. And he is present! He is the first monk to conduct this event in this region in over two thousand years, bringing the largest group of Buddhists to Pakistan in over a thousand years.

In 2019, MV embarked on a mission to promote Pakistan’s Buddhist heritage and introduce the world to Pakistan’s hidden historical and compassionate side. This Rains Retreat is the consequence and will be a significant milestone in realizing his vision. This work will be translated into numerous languages so Buddhists can learn about Gandhara and Pakistan through MV’s eyes. This book will also include some of the most iconic images of his journey, such as his visit to the Shpola stupa in the Khyber Pass (about 10 kilometers from the Afghan border and a site that monks have not visited for the past two thousand years). 

It will also testify to his vision of Pakistan opening up to Indian Buddhists, who witnessed him sitting at the flag-lowering ceremony at the India-Pakistan border at Wagah. In addition, discussions are underway to adapt chapters from this book into a television series. MV has established Buddhist pilgrimage tourism in Pakistan. I can assert unequivocally that MV has done more to promote Pakistan and its heritage than any other individual – and this was his stated goal for 2017!

MV Arayawangso A Man of Honor

“I will be back again and bring a Bell of Peace to the Swat Museum for installation. This is my assurance to you.”

In the years since I first met MV, I have found him to embody honor. As an ex-diplomat. I have lived on five continents, traveled to more than seventy countries, and met thousands of individuals. Rarely have I encountered a sage who is so faithful to his word. Away with him. A commitment, let alone a vow, is equivalent to something carved in stone. It is permanent!

In 2019. Prince Adnan Aurangzeb of Swot, a 45-year-old acquaintance, participated in the ceremonies for installing the Bells of Peace in Taxila and Peshawar. He respectfully requested that MV visit Swot to view the Buddhist sites and bring a Bell of Peace for installation in the Swot museum.

MV informed Adnan that his current itinerary was full but that he would visit Swot and carry a Bell of Peace on his next trip. Covid subsequently shut down the world, and MV could not return to Pakistan. On May 30, Prince Adnan died untimely from an accident. 2022 and could have never hosted MV in Swat. A man of virtue. In the last week of July 2022, MV traveled to Swot to honor the Prince and erect a Bell of Peace in his name at the Swat Museum. He prayed at Prince Adnan’s residence, consoled his siblings, wife, family, and friends, and visited the prince’s grave. He called the sites Prince wanted him to see and spent every night meditating and composing at the Swot Museum.

The Prince’s wife, Princess Zenab Adnan, was aided by MV’s consolation and fortitude during this difficult time. She said, “MV has been an incredible source of strength, and I feel ready to move on.” During his trip to Swot, MV stated that Swot had become very dear to him and would like to return. He also pledged to help the people of Swot and to aid in preserving Swat’s heritage, and it may have been foretelling that he was still in Pakistan when Swot needed his assistance shortly thereafter.

In August 2022, floods devastated over 40 percent of Pakistan and left more than 34 million people homeless. Swot was particularly hard affected. Within a few days, THB 1 million (PKR 6 million) was raised and donated to the government of Pakistan for disaster relief. Shortly thereafter, MV contributed THB 200,000 (PKR 1.2 million) to the children of Swot.

 His word is indeed his covenant!

MV Arayawangso A Man of Miracles

In March 2021, I learned that my mother had contracted Covid and was on a ventilator. I had left for a two-week trip to Thailand in March 2020, shortly before the world went into a Covid shutdown. By the time I received this news, I had been away for a year, with no hope of returning in time to see her alive. She is in her eighties, has asthma and other high-risk conditions, and is in the group of those most likely to die.

I immediately received a response with instructions for her to perform some simple concentration exercises and other tasks and to let him know when she had completed them. The following day, I informed him that she had completed the assignments, to which MV replied, “Don’t worry. I have prayed for her, and she will be alright in three days. “

Within three days, a miracle occurred, and she was on the path to recovery. As I witnessed during my affiliation with MV, the forces and energies surrounding him are potent. The weather in Pakistan has been unpredictable over the past few months, fluctuating between extreme temperatures and untimely rain. However, whenever we planned a trip to a site and someone pointed out that the weather would be unfriendly, I would simply respond, “MV’s trip. Weather will be fine.” And it always was; the sun would hide behind clouds to reduce the heat, or the rain would halt long enough for the trip to occur.


During one of the visits to my home, MV was visited by notables and acquaintances, including ambassadors Princess Zenab and Rajkumari Troy of Bangladesh, among others. They all came to seek his blessing or discuss specific matters with him. Despite his tight schedule, MV took him aside, asked him to hold a bottle of water, and had it with him. MV prayed and asked him to drink the water. MV did the same with two other water bottles and asked him to take them home and consume them. Not surprisingly, for me. My friend’s condition has improved significantly, and he has enjoyed life much more in the past few months.

MV continues to perform acts that are nothing short of miraculous. It’s not that he mainly does things himself, but miracles occur around him as he completes the tasks he set out to achieve.


Q1. What is the main theme of this passage?

Ans. The central theme of this passage is the remarkable journey and contributions of MV Arayawangso, a Buddhist monk, and his impact on Pakistan, focusing on his vision, honor, and miraculous abilities.

Q2. What was MV Arayawangso’s vision for Pakistan?

Ans. MV Arayawangso’s vision was to promote Buddhism and Pakistan’s heritage, increase awareness of Gandhara, and create economic opportunities through tourism.

Q3. How did MV Arayawangso support Prince Adnan Aurangzeb’s request?

Ans. MV committed to bringing a Bell of Peace to the Swat Museum for installation, fulfilling Prince Adnan’s request despite initial scheduling conflicts.

Q4. What role did MV Arayawangso play during the 2022 floods in Pakistan?

Ans. MV Arayawangso raised funds for disaster relief and donated to support flood victims, demonstrating his commitment to helping the people of Pakistan.

Q5. Can you provide an example of MV Arayawangso’s miraculous abilities mentioned in the passage?

Ans. One example is MV Arayawangso’s intervention in the recovery of Imran Shaukat’s mother from COVID-19, where MV’s prayers and guidance resulted in her rapid healing.

Q6. What message or legacy does MV Arayawangso leave behind?

Ans. MV Arayawangso’s legacy includes promoting peace friendship, and preserving heritage, transcending nationality, language, culture, and religion.

Q7. What is the significance of MV Arayawangso’s visit to Pakistan in 2019?

Ans. MV Arayawangso’s visit in 2019 began his efforts to revive Buddhism and promote Pakistan’s heritage. It led to subsequent initiatives and a broader vision for the country’s future.

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