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Monks, Scholars Reach Islamabad to Attend Gandhara Symposium

August 8, 2023

Gandhara symposium attendees, including monks and academics from countries with large Buddhist populations, have begun arriving in ISLAMABAD.

Scholars, historians, and senior monks from Nepal, Vietnam, and other Buddhist countries are all expected to attend the three-day conference, which is set to begin on Tuesday (today).

Former vice chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University in Nepal, Prof. Dr. Haridaya Ratna, was ecstatic to finally make it to Islamabad and attend the symposium.

“The Mahayan Buddhism that we practice in Nepal came from Gandhara to our country and I am deeply touched to be here; this is a legacy and heritage that we share between Kathmandu and Pakistan,” Dr. Ratna remarked.

Dr. Ramesh Vankwani, minister for state and chairman of the PM’s Task Force on Gandhara Tourism, greeted him together with the other guests.

Nepalese scholar: “We honor Taxila and other places of ancient Gandhara by traveling there. From here, Buddhism was able to enlighten the entire world.

Monk of the Malaysian Buddhist Order Jue Chenk advocated for Buddhists everywhere to visit Pakistan.

To put it simply, I am very moved. The monk Jue Chenk remarked, “I am impressed by the hospitality of Pakistanis; this is a beautiful country.”

He cited almost two millennia of history, calling it “a precious history” and saying, “Pakistan has a precious history.”

Dr. Vankwani stressed the importance of sharing Pakistan’s heritage with the rest of the globe.

He said that Pakistan had successfully defeated the threat of terrorism and that the country was safe for foreign travelers, including those coming for religious tourism. “The objective of the symposium was to raise global awareness about the historical and cultural significance of the Gandhara civilisation and Buddhist heritage in Pakistan,” he said.

Later, at Sir Syed Memorial Museum, a group of young artists researching the Gandharan civilization paid a visit to Dr. Vankwani.

Dr. Vankwani argued that the country’s visual artists are a valuable resource, thus efforts should be made to help them improve their craft and interest the next generation in the profession.

The PM Task Force chairman said that the two-day Gandhara symposium would feature an exhibition of works by these emerging and recognized artists.

Following “this grand event,” Dr. Vankwani announced plans to host a national level Gandhara art competition to engage students and artists in promoting Gandhara tourism in both the domestic and international markets.

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