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October 12, 2023


Investment in farmhouses in Pakistan is a new trend. Many customers now want to invest in places which are usually away from the busy life of big cities. Because well-known personalities and corporate moguls have purchased them, farmhouses have become more and more sought-after in real estate. People desire them for a getaway, party homes, and other uses.

Farmhouses, which are often enormous homes on many agricultural lands, are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. As a result, many renowned developers have luxury farmhouses all around the country. The developers have modified and kept up each farmhouse project over time to retain its rich heritage.

Property investors might find a farmhouse to be an excellent investment. There are various options than renting it out, particularly if it comes with farmlands. Farmhouses are thought of as non-depreciating properties by several specialists as well.

Perks of Investing in Farmhouses

Following are some of the most significant aspects of purchasing a farmhouse that could persuade buyers to buy.

  • Farmhouses will indeed hold their inherent worth as investments.
  • The most significant benefit is an increase in land value. Since the pandemic, numerous inhabitants have been relocating to faraway places, and infrastructure improvements are quickly catching up, driving up land prices dramatically.
  • Farmhouse proprietors relish the convenience of selling areas of farmland. It provides more freedom to keep the essentials and resell the space for more significant investment returns.
  • Another profitable option to make extra money is to lease out the area (after adhering to all the corporate regulations).
  • Another clever way to recoup the expenses of a farmhouse is through the agro-real estate.
  • As more people opt to live in an area that guarantees improved safety, greenery, and space, the appeal of farmhouses will only grow over time.

Benefits of Buying a Farmhouse in Pakistan

  • Serene and Natural Surroundings
  • Escape from Urban Life
  • Agricultural and Recreational Activities
  • Investment Potential
  • Cultural and Traditional Experience

Concept of Farmhouse in Pakistan

The idea of a farmhouse in Pakistan centers on a rural retreat that provides a peaceful diversion from the hectic urban existence. Farm buildings in Pakistan are frequently found in gorgeous rural locations surrounded by beautiful scenery, including mountains, rivers, and verdant fields. These homes allow people and families to enjoy nature’s serenity and adopt a more straightforward way of living.

In Pakistan, a farmhouse refers to more than just a house; it also includes a link to the land, opportunities for agricultural work, and exposure to regional customs and culture. In addition to offering prospective investment options and income-generating opportunities, farmhouses are considered a place where one can relax, indulge in leisure pursuits, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Top farmhouses in Pakistan

Many magnificent, appealing farmhouses are available for sale throughout the country. However, the buyers and stakeholders want to buy farmhouses in the big cities to get maximum profit from the land valuation. Here is the list of top farmhouses in Pakistan

List of Farmhouses Near Islamabad

Farmhouses in Pakistan provide a distinctive and picturesque living experience reflecting the country’s rich agricultural tradition, whether utilized as a weekend getaway or a year-round home.

Lakeshore City Farms

The farmhouses at Lakeshore are a true testament to the beauty and serenity of rural living. The farmhouses offer plenty of hiking, biking, and horseback riding opportunities for those who love outdoor activities.

The owners of Lakeshore Farmhouse would have a 50% discount on the membership fee, free boating, and an expert guide for over 2 hours. They also have a special 50% off on their stay at Lakeshore Resort.

Available Sizes in Lakeshore City Farmhouses

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

The Beauty of Lakeshore City Farms

These farmhouses are even more opulent because of the expansive views of Khanpur Dam and the towering mountains, enabling visitors to appreciate the mesmerizing natural beauty surrounding them. The Lakeshore City Farmhouses provide rest and renewal, whether you sip coffee on your veranda, take a leisurely plunge in the infinity pool, or take in the peace of the planted grounds.

Capital Smart City Farmhouses

The CSC offers the chance to purchase a magnificent farmhouse. Imagine yourself at a farmhouse in a twin city with comfortable surroundings and a stunning green backdrop.

A resident of a Capital Smart City Farmhouse can farm, ride a bike, play, swim, and participate in various other activities. People can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere away from the busy city life in the farmhouses. They feature all the modern comforts and amenities. The farmhouses are available in a range of designs and sizes.

If someone resides in a CSC Farm House, they can farm, race a bike, play, swim, and engage in numerous other activities. The farmhouses provide people with a tranquil atmosphere distant from the hectic city life. They have all the contemporary amenities and comforts. The farmhouses come in a variety of styles and dimensions as well.

The beauty of Capital Smart City Farmhouses

Capital The Smart City Farmhouses in Islamabad, Pakistan, exude an alluring fusion of modern luxury and natural splendour. These farmhouses in the city’s center provide a scenic and peaceful way of life.

The farmhouses, surrounded by lush greenery, are a beautiful example of how contemporary design and the alluring beauty of nature can coexist in harmony. The carefully thought-out layout combines huge windows with roomy interiors to provide inhabitants with sweeping views of the surrounding vegetation.

Gulberg Greens Farms

In 2005, the IBECHS unveiled Gulberg Green Farmhouses Islamabad, an opulent development for agro-farm housing. The Gulberg master plan includes the “Gulberg Greens” farmhouses scheme for abundant living. The neighbourhood of Gulberg Greens is found in Mouza Koral Zone-IV and has 409 residential plots with a combined area of 3,867 kanals. The farmhouses have received CDA approval.

The beauty of Gulberg Greens Farmhouses

The Gulberg Greens Farmhouses in Islamabad, Pakistan, are the pinnacle of tranquility and natural beauty. These farmhouses are tucked away in the serene countryside on the outskirts of the metropolis and have a beautiful location.

These opulent homes are set against a stunning landscape of lush flora that includes meandering streams, expansive gardens, and rolling hills. The architecture of Gulberg Greens Farmhouses creates a peaceful and beautiful setting, perfectly combining modern design with the surrounding natural surroundings.

Farmhouse In Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam is a collection of beautiful farms, but all these are private; for your convenience, Lakeshore City has come up with this eccentric project Lakeshore Farms, which is available with all the up-to-date amenities introduced in Pakistan. The enormous opportunity for people who want to live their life as an adventurous person with the place nestled between the natural lakes and mountains then Lakeshore Farmhouses are the only opportunity.

Visit the Farmhouses in Lakeshore City to experience the height of luxury and unmatched beauty. Discover the allure of breathtaking views, large living areas, and a seamless fusion of brilliant architecture and tranquil surroundings. Immerse yourself in an abundant universe where every aspect has been painstakingly designed to produce an exceptional escape. Enjoy the grandeur of the roomy interiors, unwind in the private infinity pools with a view of the grand mountains, and take in the peace of the planted grounds.

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Why Should Invest in Farmhouse

Investing in a farmhouse in Pakistan offers a range of compelling reasons and lucrative opportunities. Here are a few key factors that make it an attractive investment:

  • Growing Tourism Industry
  • Natural Beauty and Scenic Locations
  • Potential for Rental Income
  • Lakeshore City Farms Best Option for Investment


In conclusion, Pakistani farms are a lucrative investment option with many benefits. The nation’s scenic landscapes, expanding tourism industry, and natural beauty make it an ideal place to invest in a farmhouse and take advantage of the growing demand for holiday rentals and opulent lodging. Farmhouses can generate rental income and long-term financial growth and provide a calm escape in beautiful surroundings.

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