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International Conference in Islamabad to Promote Tourism

August 21, 2023

ISLAMABAD: An upcoming international conference set to begin on July 11th in the capital city is poised to shine a spotlight on promoting tourism across Pakistan. The three-day event will focus on bolstering tourism efforts, particularly at the nation’s rich historical landmarks and breathtaking natural sites.

The announcement of the conference was made by Ramesh Kumar, the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Gandhara Tourism. Kumar expressed the government’s commitment to enhancing tourism in the country through strategic initiatives.

One of the key highlights of the conference is the finalization of a comprehensive national tourist policy, a crucial step in advancing Pakistan’s tourism sector. This policy is part of a broader strategy known as Gandhara Diplomacy, which aims to harness the potential of the country’s cultural and historical treasures to foster international relations and enhance global perceptions.

In a move to engage with international partners, a draft of potential memorandums of agreement has been shared with the diplomatic community in Islamabad. These agreements are intended to facilitate collaborations and partnerships that would contribute to the development and promotion of Pakistan’s tourism industry.

The conference is expected to attract participants from various sectors including government officials, experts in tourism, heritage preservation, and representatives from the diplomatic corps. The event serves as a platform for sharing insights, exchanging best practices, and exploring innovative approaches to drive sustainable tourism growth.

As Pakistan continues to unlock the potential of its remarkable heritage and natural beauty, the international conference marks a significant step towards positioning the country as a desirable and captivating tourist destination on the global map.

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