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Indian Woman Warmly Welcomed in Kalash Region

October 13, 2023

CHITRAL: On Saturday, when Indian woman Fatima (formerly Anju) and her husband Nasrullah of Upper Dir district arrived in the Rumbur and Bumburate Kalash valleys, they were greeted with great warmth.

On social media, images and videos from the couple’s trip to the area went viral.

Fatima socialized with women, children, and other Kalash people.

She and her spouse dressed in traditional Kalash attire and posed for pictures and films with the women of the small village.

Since the Kalash are thought to be the ancestors of Alexander the Great, the Indian woman also paid attention to their culture by visiting the villages and the charsu dance area.

She praised the natural beauty of Chitral in general and the Kalash region in particular, calling it unparalleled.

Fatima appealed for the preservation of the distinctive culture and way of life of the Kalash people, lauded them for their friendliness, and described them as the “real icons” of the region.

She expressed her long-standing desire to see the small community, saying she had heard about it.

She remarked, “I heard about Kalash people before coming to Pakistan to marry in Upper Dir district, which is adjacent to Chitral, and I found them to be beautiful, peaceful, and gullible.”

The Indian woman described the roads that lead to the Kalash valleys as hazardous, stating that drivers were at risk of accidents.

She claimed that she felt terrified when she travelled across the mountains to get to the Kalash lowlands from Ayun village.

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