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Gurdwara a Sikh Place of Learning & Worship

August 9, 2023

The Gurdwara is the Sikh community’s centre for education and worship. Visitors from any background can find refuge, solace, and food at the langar, a communal kitchen that is free and open to all. Since there are no ordained clergy members in the Sikh faith, any man or woman from the congregation is permitted to conduct religious services.

The Sikh text, which also occupies the centre of the gurdwara, is at the centre of Sikh life. The majority of a devotional session is conducted in song since the whole Guru Granth Sahib is written as poetry and music. The crowd is led in singing and chanting by neighbourhood residents and musicians, and frequently neighbourhood leaders will take a minute to discuss fundamental concepts and teachings from the choices. Following the service, the faithful come together for a communal feast known as langar. People from all backgrounds and identity groups are welcome to join as everyone sits on the floor as a symbol of equality.

When entering a gurdwara, there are a few fundamental rules of etiquette to be aware of. Before entering the worship area, visitors must remove their shoes and cover their heads. These two customs are expressions of respect. Sikhs bow before the Guru Granth Sahib as they enter the area as a gesture of respect to the teachings; onlookers are not required to do the same. The congregation then gathers on the floor to sing and worship together as a group. Everyone is encouraged to take part as they like. Visitors typically choose to sit, take it all in, and listen to the music.

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