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Gandhara Authority Bill Dismissed for ‘too Many Loopholes’

October 9, 2023

ISLAMABAD: A parliamentary committee overwhelmingly rejected ‘The Promotion and Protection of Gandhara Culture Authority Bill 2023’ on Tuesday due to “too many loopholes” in the proposed legislation.

The Senate Standing Committee on National Heritage and Culture agreed that the draft statute had previously been rejected at a previous committee meeting.

Dr Ramesh Vankwani, chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Gandhara Tourism, presented the draft bill. Dr. Vankwani had been pushing for the formation of a self-sustaining body as well as a fund called the ‘Gandhara Fund’ that would be governed by its regulations.

Meanwhile, ministry officials gave a compliance report on the committee’s recommendations to date. 32 of the 40 recommendations received were completely compliant.

The committee was also informed of the ministry’s initiative to create indigenous cultural educational materials for children in a variety of mother tongues, including Urdu.

The secretary of the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture stated that measures had been taken in this direction and that conversations had begun with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training.

In addition, the committee was informed that in September, a symposium promoting “indigenous cultural education material for children in all mother tongues, including Urdu” was held at the Pakistan Academy of Letters.

The committee emphasized the necessity of conserving culture and legacy as part of national identity, emphasizing the need to take ownership of these components, viewing them as critical meeting spots within society, particularly for the youth.

In response to language and translation issues, the committee acknowledged Urdu’s importance as a “unifying language” for Pakistanis. It was advised that translation issues on billboards and airports be addressed. The officials in question promised to take the matter up with the appropriate authorities.

The committee also deliberated on designating the ‘Karoonjhar Mountain Tharparkar’ in Sindh as the ‘national heritage’. While recognising its cultural and historical significance, Senator Keshoo Bai emphasised the importance of preserving this site for the Hindu community and the people of Tharparkar. The committee called for the mountain to be protected from mining activities and recommended involving the Sindh government in this decision.

Senator Syed emphasized the economic impact of protecting tourist attractions in order to encourage tourism, noting culture and sports as unifying forces in society.

When discussing future projects, the secretary announced plans to launch a heritage app and a heritage TV channel next week, highlighting the ministry’s dedication to showcasing Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, the team suggested that the number of stores at Kartarpur Sahib be increased, and they expressed a desire to visit the Kartarpur Corridor.

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