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Exploring District Gilgit: Gateway to Diversity and Natural Beauty

November 2, 2023


As the hub of regional trade for generations, District Gilgit, the capital of Gilgit-Bal stan, is strategically the most significant region in the Karakorum Range. The district’s prominence is increased by the historical Silk Route, which encouraged religious and cultural diversity to spread across national boundaries.


The majority language spoken there is Shina, but English and Urdu are also commonly used.

Famous Tourist Spots

The stunning Naltar Valley is home to alpine forests with diverse species, verdant scenery, captivating flora, snow-capped mountains, and milky glacial cover. In addition, Kargah Valley has the remains of a Buddhist monastery, Hainzal Stupa, and a Buddha statue etched on a rock dating back to the fourth or seventh century A.D. The Bagrot and Heramosh Valleys draw tourists in with their perplexing pastures, entrancing lakes, and towering peaks. Danyore Valley, with its Beranu Suspension Bridge, Tunnel, and Chinese Graveyard, also draws in tourists.

Popular Activities

Naltar Valley provides a once-in-a-lifetime skiing experience in the winter. However, Bagrote Valley is an ideal location for hikers. Another interesting landmark is the Danyore Suspension Bridge, which villagers constructed without using civil engineering tools.


  • Verify your air tickets. 
  • Before your trip, confirm your accommodation reservations. 
  • Learn about road conditions directly from the source. Help the community by buying locally made goods. 
  • Carry your passport or national ID card with you.
  • Hire a local guide if you plan to hike or camp. 
  • When cooking, use kerosene or LPG instead of firewood.  
  • Observe local customs, traditions, and places of worship 
  • Avoid damaging the environment, wildlife, or vegetation. 
  • Steer clear of long stops when driving through Babusar, Deosai, and Khunjerab.
  • Using extensive equipment reduces danger and guarantees security. 
  • Make sure the campsite is tidy and dispose of your litter correctly.
  • With the GB Tourist Police, cooperate.

Famous Lakes

These are some of the famous lakes placed aesthetically between the surroundings of mountains.



Dist: 10 Kms (From Gilgit City) 

Accessibility: Car/ Jeep 

Traveling Time: 40 Min 



Dist: 54 Kms (From Gilgit )

Accessibility: Jeep 

Trekking Time: 1 Hr



Dist: 32 Kms (From Gilgit City) 

Accessibility: Car/ Jeep 

Trekking Time: 1 Hr



Dist: 23 Kms (From Gilgit City) 

Accessibility: Car/ Jeep 

Trekking Time: 40 Min



Dist: 3 Kms (From Gilgit City) 

Accessibility: Car/ Jeep/ 

Trekking Traveling Time: 1 Hr



Dist: 75 Kms (From Gilgit City) 

Accessibility: Car/ Jeep/ Trekking 

Traveling Time: 05 Hr 30 Min


In the heart of the Karakorum Range, District Gilgit stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty that characterizes the region. As the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan, this district has been a hub of regional trade for generations, amplified by its historical connection to the Silk Route. This trade route, echoing with the footsteps of travelers and merchants from various corners of the world, has played a pivotal role in spreading religious and cultural diversity across national boundaries.

The linguistic diversity mirrors the multicultural tapestry of the region, with Shina being the predominant language, while English and Urdu are also widely spoken. Gilgit is not only a confluence of languages but also a melting pot of breathtaking landscapes and historical wonders.

From the enchanting Naltar Valley, with its alpine forests and snow-capped peaks, to the historical treasures of Kargah Valley and the picturesque beauty of Bagrot and Heramosh Valleys, Gilgit offers an array of attractions for every kind of traveller. The Danyore Valley, with its unique suspension bridge and Chinese Graveyard, adds to the district’s allure.

Tourists can engage in various activities, from skiing in the winter wonderland of Naltar Valley to hiking in the scenic Bagrote Valley. While exploring these natural wonders, it is essential to respect the environment and local customs, ensuring the sustainability of this beautiful region.

Questions and Answers

Q1: Where is District Gilgit located?

Ans: District Gilgit is located in the Karakorum Range and serves as the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Q2: What historical significance is associated with District Gilgit?

Ans: District Gilgit is strategically significant due to its historical connection to the Silk Route, which facilitated the exchange of religious and cultural diversity across national boundaries.

Q3: What are the primary languages spoken in District Gilgit?

Ans: The majority language spoken in District Gilgit is Shina, but English and Urdu are also commonly used.

Q4: Can you name some famous tourist spots in District Gilgit?

Ans: Certainly, some of the famous tourist spots in District Gilgit include Naltar Valley, Kargah Valley, Bagrot and Heramosh Valleys, and Danyore Valley.

Q5: What activities can tourists enjoy in Naltar Valley during the winter?

Ans: Tourists can enjoy skiing in the winter wonderland of Naltar Valley.

Q6: How is the Danyore Suspension Bridge unique?

Ans: The Danyore Suspension Bridge is unique because it was constructed by villagers without the use of civil engineering tools.

Q7: What travel tips are recommended for visitors to District Gilgit?

Ans: Travel tips for visitors include verifying air tickets, confirming accommodation reservations, buying locally made goods, carrying identification, and hiring local guides for hiking or camping.

Q8: Name some famous lakes in District Gilgit.

Ans: Some famous lakes in District Gilgit include Kargah Buddha, Naltar Valley, Bagrot Valley, Chinese Graveyard, Jutial Nullah, and Kutwal Lake.

Q9: How far is Kargah Buddha from Gilgit City?

Ans: Kargah Buddha is located approximately 10 kilometers from Gilgit City, accessible by car or jeep.

Q10: What is the trekking time to reach Kutwal Lake from Gilgit City?

Ans: To reach Kutwal Lake from Gilgit City, it takes approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes by car, jeep, or trekking.

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