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Everything You Need to Know About Khanpur Dam

November 2, 2023

The magnificent Khanpur Dam is a water reservoir located in Pakistan. This dam not only helps with agricultural and water storage, but it also produces hydroelectric power and provides a space for fun recreational activities. If you intend to visit Khanpur Dam soon, Lakeshore City has provided all the information you require below.

Overview of Khanpur Dam

One of Pakistan’s most impressive dams, Khanpur Dam was constructed across the Haro River. It is situated 50 kilometers from Islamabad along the Taxila Haripur Road, close to Khanpur in KPK. With a maximum water level of 110,000 acre-feet, the lake was created in 1953 when the 52-meter (170-foot) Khanpur Dam spillway was erected. The 40-foot-deep dam was constructed under Ayub Khan’s leadership.

The dam was constructed for irrigation, providing Rawalpindi and Islamabad with drinking water. However, it has also emerged as one of the nation’s most well-liked tourist destinations in light of recent changes. With its serene greenish-blue waters and breathtaking mountain vistas, Khanpur Lake has a lot to offer visitors these days, including a variety of water sports.

Construction of Khanpur Dam

After 15 years of development and 1,385.1 million Pakistani Rupees spent, the Khanpur Dam was completed in 1983. With a height of 51 meters, it can hold 79,980 acre-feet of storage.

Location of Khanpur Dam

In KPK, Khanpur Dam is thought to be one of the most stunning locations. It is surrounded by the magnificent Pothohar Plateau mountains. Taking the N-5 and N-125 from Islamabad to Khanpur Dam takes approximately one and a half hours by automobile.

On the other hand, if you are traveling via the M-1 (Islamabad-Peshawar) highway, it will take you roughly 2.5 hours to arrive. It takes roughly five to six hours to go to this well-liked tourist destination from Lahore.

Location of Khanpur Dam

The summer season (from June to October) is an ideal time to visit the dam. The cool water not only helps you beat the heat, but also allows you to enjoy some water sports and activities like fishing, boating, and cliff-diving.


You can visit Khanpur Dam at any time between 9:00 AM and 05:00 PM. 

Things to Do at Khanpur Dam

Among the many activities offered here are:

  • Boating and Jet Skiing: Explore the enormous Khanpur Reservoir by boat or by renting a jet ski. It’s a great chance to explore the beautiful surroundings while having fun on the water.
  • Fishing: Khanpur Dam is a great place to go fishing if you’re an aficionado. Take out your fishing equipment and attempt to catch different kinds of fish in the reservoir.
  • Arrange a beautiful picnic on the banks of Khanpur Dam with your loved ones. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely day out because of the beautiful surroundings and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Trekking and Nature Walks: There are lovely hiking routes and nature walks in the vicinity of Khanpur Dam. You can hike, stroll through the neighboring hills, and take in the stunning views.
  • Camping: Set a tent close to the dam and enjoy a night beneath the stars. There are plenty of places to tent, so you can take in the peace and quiet and have an unforgettable outdoor experience.
  • Try paragliding at Khanpur Dam if you’re an adventure seeker. Take to the skies, experience the exhilaration of flight, and take in the breathtaking scenery from an unlike viewpoint.
  • Photography: Khanpur Dam is a photographer’s dream come true due to its breathtaking scenery. Seize the captivating vistas, dusks, and the dam’s reflection with your camera.
  • Bird Watching: The reservoir is a paradise for birdwatchers, drawing in a wide diversity of bird species. Use your binoculars to observe the region’s colorful and varied birds.

Price of Water Sports Activities

Here is the price list of water sports activities you can enjoy at Khanpur Dam:

#Water Sports ActivityPrice Per Head 
1Jet Ski (800 cc)Rs. 1700
2Jet Ski (1800 cc)Rs. 2000
3Cliff Diving (Small Boat)Rs. 5500
4Cliff Diving (Big Boat)Rs. 8500
5Banana Boat/Sofa TubeRs. 1700
6ParasailingRs. 3700
7Scuba DivingRs. 9000
8Paragliding (if 4 to 5 persons)Rs. 6000
9CampingRs. 1500
10Parasailing, Sofa Tube, Jet Ski, Wake TubeRs. 7000  
11BoatingRs. 5000

Places Near Khanpur Dam

The majority of people choose to visit Khanpur Dam for a day vacation. You have until midnight to make your early morning departure and return. On the other hand, there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses close by where visitors can spend the night.

These provide a wide range of services, including as breakfast buffets and tastefully equipped rooms. 

Mabali Island

One of the most visited places close to Khanpur Dam is Mabali Island. It provides a range of activities, such as wakeboarding, ziplining, boating, and jet skiing. There are several restaurants in this area where you may savour delectable meals including steak, BBQ, and karahi.

There are lots of possibilities if you decide to stay. You can reserve a variety of accommodation options, all of which include a TV, air conditioning, a full supply of toiletries, and other amenities. 

Room Charges Per Night

  • Standard Room: Rs. 7500
  • Deluxe Room: Rs. 9500

Contact Number: 0303-5958999

Address: Old Khanpur, East Road

Tomorrowland Country Club & Resort

This hotel is one of the top resorts near Khanpur Dam. Tomorrowland Country Club & Resort offers luxurious rooms, an outdoor sitting area, a spa, tasty food options, a rooftop BBQ area and a parking area.

For more information, you can contact them at the following details.

Contact Number: 033-11111051

Address: Khanpur Road

Gandhara Castle Resort

At Gandhara Resort, you may engage in activities like parasailing, diving, boating, archery, and much more. The resort features cosy accommodations with all the amenities you could want, as well as a variety of dine-in options. Another reason it draws a lot of tourists is that it served as the filming location for the well-known Pakistani web series Mrs. and Mr. Shameem.

You can contact them at the number or email below for more information.

Contact Number: 0344-3111112

Address: Old Khanpur, East Road

Orange Lake Resort

With its food, sports facilities, and immaculate accommodations, this resort is still another great place to stay. Additionally, you can take advantage of their package, which includes lunch at Monal Restaurant, breakfast, and a trip to the Taxila Museum. 

For further information, you may reach them at the number and email provided below.

Contact Number: 0304-1171228

Address: Khanpur

Rajgan Mosque

Rajgan Mosque, often referred to as “Rajon ki Masjid” locally, is a mediaeval mosque. Rajasultan Jihandad Khan constructed it in 1872. By boat, one can get to the mosque, which is located on the other side of the lake. It is well worth a visit because of its exquisitely constructed domes and minarets.

Travel Packages for Khanpur Dam

The nation’s private tour companies all provide tour packages that include the Khanpur Dam. These could consist of food, lodging, and the previously mentioned activities.

These vacation packages range in price from PKR 3,500 for a full day excursion to PKR 5,000, depending on the destination and length of stay. It also depends on when you decide to visit this well-known Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tourist destination.

Khanpur Festival

The three-day Khanpur Dam Festival is a renowned annual event. It’s among Pakistan’s greatest festivals. Large-scale arrangements are made for several activities. The festival also features puppetry, drama, magic, folk dances, and cultural performances.

In addition, a large number of stalls offer food, jewellery, traditional clothing, artefacts, etc. Hundreds of people attend this bright and colourful celebration every year. If you’re looking for further guides for Islamabad day outings.


Why is Khanpur Dam famous?

Khanpur Dam is well-known for various factors. The following are the primary causes of its popularity:

Water Supply: The Khanpur Dam is essential to the local community’s ability to obtain water for home and agricultural uses. It facilitates agricultural irrigation and helps satisfy the water needs of neighbouring cities.

Hydroelectric Power Generation: The dam produces hydroelectric power, which helps meet the energy demands of the surrounding area. The power produced encourages sustainable development and lessens dependency on outside energy sources.

Scenic Beauty: Travellers and tourists are drawn to the lovely surroundings of Khanpur Dam. The calm reservoir provides a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing setting, encircled by hills and vegetation.

Recreational Activities: Visitors to Khanpur Dam can engage in a variety of recreational activities. There is something for everyone to enjoy and have a fantastic time doing, from boating, fishing, and jet skiing to camping, hiking, and paragliding.

What is the current status of Khanpur Dam?

Regarding the current status of Khanpur Dam, as an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time data. It’s best to consult official sources or local authorities for the most up-to-date information on the dam’s status, maintenance, and any other relevant details.

What are the paragliding charges in Khanpur dam?

As for paragliding charges at Khanpur Dam, the exact pricing may vary, and it’s advisable to check with local paragliding service providers or tour operators for the most accurate and current rates.

How far is Khanpur dam from Islamabad?

Khanpur Dam is approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The distance may vary depending on the location within Islamabad and the route taken.

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