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Dr. Kumar Unveils Pakistan’s Promising Gandhara Tourism Future

July 19, 2023

As a result of the government’s renewed emphasis on showcasing the country’s extensive cultural history, Pakistan is on the cusp of entering a brand-new era in the tourism industry. A recent announcement made by the Minister of State for Tourism, Dr. Ramesh Kumar, detailed expansive plans to cultivate and promote the Gandhara region as a significant tourism destination. The purpose of this endeavor is to publicize the region’s rich Buddhist history in the hopes of luring visitors from within the country as well as from farther afield.

Gandhara is currently the site of ongoing efforts to restore historical sites.

The government of Pakistan, recognizing the significance of preserving the historical sites and relics of the Gandhara culture, has begun restoration works in conjunction with foreign partners. One component of these efforts is the preservation of the numerous historic Buddhist monasteries, stupas, and sculptures that are located across the region. By ensuring that these priceless relics of the past are preserved for future generations, Pakistan intends to provide an immersive experience that can be enjoyed by both tourists and academics.

The development of infrastructure, with an emphasis on improving access to Gandhara sites

Pakistan is putting money into initiatives that will improve the country’s infrastructure in order to make it easier for tourists to visit the Gandhara region. In the vicinity of the archaeological sites, the government intends to renovate the road networks, build visitor centers, and improve the existing amenities. These improvements are intended to provide visitors with quick access to the sites located in Gandhara. As a result, it will be much simpler for them to investigate and appreciate the historical marvels that the region has to offer.

It is anticipated that the marketing of tourism in Gandhara will have a beneficial effect on the economy of the area. By drawing in a sizable number of tourists, new employment opportunities will open up in a variety of industries, such as the accommodation industry, the transportation industry, and the handicrafts industry.

In addition, the increase in the number of tourists will result in an increase in the amount of money brought in by tourism-related services such as lodging, dining, and the selling of souvenirs. Not only will the surrounding towns profit from this economic boost, but it will also make a contribution to the broader growth and development of the nation.

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