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Complete Location Guide of Lakeshore Residencia

February 28, 2024

Lakeshore City Location

The Location of Lakeshore City in very unique, Strategically situated at Khanpur Dam, Lakeshore Residencia provides residents with peace and unmatched views.

Proximity to Important Destinations

  • Mabali Island

Just 2.5 kilometers away, Mabali Island is the ideal destination for leisurely weekends and recreational activities.

  • Islamabad D12

Access to the capital’s employment centers and facilities is easy, as this housing society is just 15 minutes away from Islamabad D12.

  • Faisal Town, Wah Cantt

About 20 kilometers from Faisal Town, Wah Cantt Lakeshore Residencia offers access to medical amenities, shopping complexes, and educational institutions.

  • Rajdhani

Rajdani is located just 4 kilometers from Lakeshore Residencia. Hence, this project is situated in the perfect location and provides residents with access to everyday necessities and services.

  • Multi Garden B12

Situated roughly 13 kilometers away, Lakeshore Residencia gives residents quick access to various facilities.

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