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Cholistan Jeep Rally 2023 Is Right Around the Corner

December 26, 2023

One of Pakistan’s biggest deserts is Cholistan. It is a desolate area of more than 16,000 square kilometers. The desert is close to a number of important historical sites, such as Derawar Fort, Derawar Mosque, and Noor Mahal. 

When visiting the Cholistan Desert, there are plenty of other enjoyable activities you may partake in in addition to seeing these remarkable historic structures. For example, if you enjoy motorsports, you may also go to the upcoming, highly anticipated Cholistan Desert Rally 2023, which takes place in February. So, let’s learn more about this Pakistani desert racing event.

Now, set out, and let’s get started!

More About Cholistan Desert Rally 2023

Another name for the Cholistan Desert Rally is the Cholistan Jeep Rally. Nevertheless, the word “Jeep” should not deter you because it has nothing to do with the global automaker. Jeep is neither the sponsor of this racing event nor is it limited to Jeep automobiles. In fact, off-road 4X4 cars and SUVs are frequently referred to as “Jeeps” in Pakistan.

The Punjab Tourism Development Corporation has been in charge of organizing the event for the previous eighteen years. This Pakistani desert racing event attracts over 100 race drivers from across the nation. The camp headquarters for the racing event is located at Derawar Fort, approximately 45 kilometers from the racing circuit. 

The event’s 500-kilometer racetrack winds through an area of parched desert. 

History of the Cholistan Desert Rally

This off-road racing event has been held yearly since 2005 and has received extensive coverage from numerous national and international electronic media outlets. In 2014, female drivers demonstrated their off-road racing prowess by competing in the Cholistan Jeep Rally. The organizers of this Pakistani desert racing event intend to bring it up to international standards and extend an invitation to visitors from other countries. 

Winners of the Cholistan Jeep Rally

Let’s take a brief glance at the list of previous Cholistan Jeep Rally champions.

WinnersEvent EditionYear
Nadir Magsi10th2015
Shahibzada Sultan11th2016
Nadir Magsi12th2017
Nadir Magsi13th2018
Nadir Magsi14th2019
Nadir Magsi15th2020
Shahibzada Sultan16th2021
Nadir Magsi17th2022

Nadir Magsi declared himself the victor of the Cholistan Jeep Rally 2022 once more. In addition, the table above shows that since 2015, the only people who have continued to win the Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally are Shahibzada Sultan twice and Nadir Magsi six times. 

About Tourism Development Corporation Punjab

Being the unbeaten winner of such a difficult racing event requires a lot of work, talent, and experience.

The province government oversees the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), an organization whose goal is to improve tourism in the area. The organization hosts a range of informational events to promote the history, customs, and culture of the area. 

The Cholistan Jeep Rally in 2023 is rapidly approaching. So, if you don’t want to miss this thrilling racing event, make sure to mark your calendars. Additionally, return often for updates on Pakistan’s exciting off-road motorsport event. 

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