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Celebrating World Earth Day

April 22, 2024

On April 22, people observe Earth Day to raise awareness of environmental conservation. It was initially observed on US college campuses in 1970, a few months after the horrific Santa Barbara oil spill. Since then, the movement has inspired over a billion people in more than 192 nations. The worldwide theme for 2024’s celebration is “Planet vs. Plastics.

Despite not being an officially recognised holiday, people observe the day by raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging action. According to, every Earth Day may “drive a year of motivation, and dedication to create a new plan to make a difference for our planet.

This is a great way to honour Earth Day, whether you wish to plant native trees on your land or would rather leave the plantation of trees to others. Because planting trees has continuously been recognised as one of the best ways to address climate change, trees are the genuine OGs when it comes to climate protection.

Earth Day Celebrations Worldwide

Every nation and community observes Earth Day in a unique way. In a certain nation, workers who choose to bike rather than drive to work may be seen in a parade. In another, there might be a sizable community service initiative underway, such as community gardening or tree planting.


In the US, various towns and states observe Earth Day in numerous manners. There are marches, protests, and rallies to save the environment, and some community organizers arrange seminars or workshops to help with efforts to promote sustainability. 


An official tree-planting ritual happens at McMaster University in Ontario to mark Earth Day in Canada.

Additional Earth Day events include fundraising events, educational lectures, and activities centered around sustainability. They even feature a Challenge for Planting Trees.


The Earth Day festivities in Copenhagen begin with drumming, each drum pointing towards one of the four edges of the globe. It is open to the public, environmental organizations, and presenters to come and participate in the March for Science walk.

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