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CDA to Construct ‘Alexander Road’ Linking Islamabad with Haripur

July 10, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The much-awaited Alexander Road, which would link Islamabad with the Haripur region, is about to begin construction under the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) direction.

On Tuesday, Shehbaz Sharif, the prime minister, is anticipated to dedicate the project and the brand-new Margalla Avenue.

According to the information, the road gets its name from Alexander Well, well-known for being on the border between Islamabad and Haripur.

Although Alexander Road is the name given to the street informally, a name has yet to be decided upon.

Sources claim that the CDA has prepared for the ceremonial opening of the newly built Margalla Avenue and the reconstructed Shah Allah Ditta to Kenthla Road.

With potential connections to the Haripur region, the 7.5-kilometer road will extend to the Kenthla Area.

According to a CDA engineer, this road will be built within Islamabad’s administrative boundaries and end at the border between Islamabad and Haripur near Kenthla Well.

On the other hand, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is already constructing a road that can be connected to ours to connect Islamabad with Haripur.

Road construction will cost around Rs. 380 million during the Notice Inviting Period (NIT), which will take four months to complete.

A local road now serves the local community, but the CDA plans to widen it ultimately through rehabilitation work.

The old Buddha Caves are close to Shah Allah Ditta; the road’s renovation and expansion will help the area’s tourism industry.

While extending the road is necessary, an official emphasized that building construction regulations should not be compromised.

With the robust implementation of CDA guidelines, the official said, Margalla Hills’ current vegetation might be protected by unchecked construction.

Furthermore, it was brought up that influential people who own property along the road may ask to modify the rules governing buildings.

Regarding funding, a police official indicated that the CDA would enlarge and renovate the road as part of a package for rural area development.

The federal government already granted a package of Rs. 10 billion for rural development projects.

Development work worth approximately Rs. 2.7 billion, including the aforementioned road, would be started in the first phase of this package.

According to the additional information, the road will be 24 feet wide and built in accordance with the layout of an existing road that runs from the zoo to Monal.

Notably, the 7.5-kilometer route will travel through Islamabad’s Zone III, specifically the Margalla Hills region.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still needs permission to give the project its Environment Impact Assessment (EIA).

An EIA is not necessary for this project, according to a senior CDA officer, because it includes enhancing and enlarging an existing route.

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