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Buddha Purnima Celebrated at Islamabad Museum

August 8, 2023

ISLAMABAD: On Friday, the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Gandhara Tourism honored the birth anniversary of the religious leader Buddha in order to reflect on his life and spread knowledge about his teachings. Buddha Purnima is the name for this special day.

A news statement states that officials, art enthusiasts, and other dignitaries attended the event held at the Islamabad Museum.

Under the leadership of Minister of State Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, the task force is working tirelessly to develop Gandhara tourism in the country, realizing the enormous potential of tourism surrounding the Gandhara civilisation.

Heritage sites, monuments, and historic buildings abound throughout Pakistan, attesting to the complex history of the region.

Gandhara art is a big and major draw for Buddhists from all over the world, making Pakistan’s rich Gandhara legacy an iconic phenomena around the world.

Gandhara, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in modern-day Pakistan, is an important historical and cultural site for Buddhists.

The teachings of Buddhism, which emphasize kindness, awareness, and tranquility, have spread over the world and across cultures.

Gandhara, with King Ashoka’s support, grew into a cultural and intellectual center replete with monasteries, stupas, and universities. The distinctive Gandharan art form fused different cultural elements, communicating the heart of Buddhism to people of all walks of life.

The region’s rich history is shown by the amazing Buddhist artifacts on display at archaeological sites like Takht-i-Bai and Taxila. Moreover, Gandhara was a hub of academic debate, with experts debating important issues and adding to the development of Buddhist thought.

In order to boost tourism in the country, the army has already ordered the appropriate agencies to create a report on the many Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist sites that can be found throughout the provinces of KP.

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